We provide a variety of Dental Implant treatments, ranging from placing single tooth to full mouth implants and in cases of inadequate bone we are also able to place bone grafts.

What are dental implants?

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants may be recommended instead of having conventional bridges or dentures.

A titanium post is placed in the jaw bone to support a replacement tooth. This acts like the root of a natural tooth. Implants can also be used to support fixed bridges or to stabilise dentures.

The implant is usually left for some months to allow the bone to form a strong bond to the implant. Then, once the implant has integrated with the bone, an artificial tooth is attached to it to give a natural look. The artificial tooth is custom made to ensure the ideal colour, shape and size.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • Restore the mouth as closely as possible to its natural state
  • Increase comfort by eliminating loose fitting dentures
  • Avoid filing down healthy neighbouring teeth (as with a conventional bridge)
  • Preserve facial structure by virtually stopping deterioration of the jaw
  • Make a more natural smile improving appearance and self confidence

Are implants right for me?

  • To see if implants are appropriate for you, and to answer any questions you may have, please arrange an implant consultation with us and we will let you know all the possibilities.

Do you offer Sedation for nervous patients?

Many people feel nervous when they visit the dentist, and at Brockley House Dental, we fully understand how frightening the experience of a trip to the dentist can seem and especially to someone who has had a previous bad experience.

We have gone to great lengths to provide an environment that is calm and relaxing and as far from the traditional perception of a dental practice as possible. Our approach is gentle we believe communication is they key to the first step in overcoming your anxieties, so we listen and act on your requests.

We do offer two types of Sedation:

  • We offer both oral sedation and intravenous sedation which is given by injection, either in the back of your hand or in your arm. Whatever technique is used, the procedures involved will be fully explained at the consultation appointment.
  • If you are considering dentistry but either haven’t been for many years due to fear or a quite simply anxious about the unknown, book a consultation to find out how we can help!

What if I have a complex dental implant case?

We have a specialist that comes into practice in order to deal with more complex cases and we can offer treatments such as sinus lifts, bone grafts.

  • A sinus lift is surgery that adds bone to your upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars. It’s sometimes called a sinus augmentation. The bone is added between your jaw and the maxillary sinuses, which are on either side of your nose.
  • A bone graft is a surgical procedure used to fix problems with bones or joints. Bone grafting, or transplanting of bone tissue, is beneficial in fixing bones that are damaged from trauma, or problem joints. It’s also useful for growing bone around an implanted device, such as a total knee replacement.
  • Book an appointment and find out how Brockley House Dental Practice can help you!

How can I get more information about dental implants?

The Association of Dental Implantology (UK) provides a lot more information on implants and the following link is to the section of their site dedicated to providing answers for patients, however if you would prefer to speak to us directly to have your questions answered then please feel free to do so (Association of Dental Implantology).
The implants we currently use are from Nobel Biocare, BioHorizons, Straussman and OSSTEM. They are three of the biggest dental implants manufacturers worldwide with lots of literature to support successful use of their products based on years of extensive research.

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